Sunday, December 4, 2016

The So.Chi-O Laptop Backpack

I needed a new laptop bag. My old messenger bag is now 4 years old, dirty and torn. I have quite a fair bit of gadgets I bring around everyday so I guess it's time to get myself a backpack instead.

Going shopping at, there are plenty of laptop backpacks available. Most of them are black in color and looks like something my dad would use. I wanted something different, something that looks nicer and yet functional.

After surfing for about 30 minutes, I settle for the So.Chi-O Urbanite S10. 5 days later I received the parcel.

This 14" silver grey comes packed in a polybag. Upon first touch, the bag material seems unique. It felt like the material used for denim jeans. They called it oxford material.

The unique thing about this bag are the hidden zippers. There are 2 external pockets that are hidden as well - the side pocket fits an iPhone 6S, and a padded pocket that is big enough for my passport and wallet. The main zipper is covered by the overlapping bag so that others around do not get to see it (and hopefully access it). This makes it a good theft deterent.

So.Chi-O mentioned that the bag is scratch resistant. I'm not going to try really hard on this since I do not want to damage my bag but what I did was try cutting it with the blade of a scissor. True enough, there are no scratches and the bag looks as good as new.

Next to test on the water-resistant claim. I tried pouring water from a cup over the bag. With the bag in vertical position, the water simply flows down the surface and I don't even have to wipe it dry. When placed horizontally, the water actually seeps in after a few minutes. I believe the bag should be said to be splash resistant instead. In all fairness, The Urbanite S10 also comes with a rain cover so my bag will still be shielded on rainy days (I am unable to test the rain cover at this time)

In conclusion, the So.Chi-O Urbanite S10 is a recommend buy. For the price, you get a nice looking laptop backpack with some really practical functionality. I especially like the hidden zippers and I'm sure it will come in handy when I travel.

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Other sites that I have created

I have stopped posting on this blog for years and have moved on to other web projects.

One of the most exciting one I'm currently working on is VN Property. This is a property directory for the Vietnam market and the plan is for it to be free for use by all brokers. Property brokers are able to create a profile for themselves and post all their available properties for sale or for rent. We have sections for residential properties, commercial properties and industrial properties to choose from. VN Property is available in both Vietnamese language as well as English language.

Another huge project that I'm working on is This is a web portal for users in Vietnam to sell their motorbikes and for potential buyers to search for them. This web portal is free for all users. Businesses dealing in the motorbike industry can also write in to add their business to the online business directory. is available in both Vietnamese language as well as English language.

The other is a small blog I started after realising the number of beautiful girls longing for online exposure here in Vietnam. This tiny blog is called Flowers of Saigon.

Hope you see you guys there instead! Cheers!

Saturday, October 23, 2010

We Have Moved.

Dear readers,

I have finally registered a domain dedicated to my stock trading blog. The new blog name will be The Stock Trading Advisor and the new web address is Please edit all your bookmarks to reflect this change.

I'm going to be a little bit more professional in the new website, apart from the usual stock trading tips, I have added a trading result page for all to see. You can also expect to find more interesting market news and my personal views on them. Lastly from 2011 onwards, there will be a performance presentation on a month-by-month basis so that you can easily compare our performance to some of the major indices.

Thank you.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

NYSE : Las Vegas Sands

Las Vegas Sands
LVS has always been one of the best gaming stock for me. They have divested out of the Vegas Strip and have now captured the second largest market share in Macau, behind only SJM Holdings. On top of that, I believe the Marina Bay Sands in Singapore is destine to do very well.

This is exactly the reason why I'm taking an unusual risk yesterday. As many of you would probably have known, I seldom buy a counter base on very short-term charting. This time round though I feel that LVS has alot more upside potential and I'm very looking forward to their quarter result announcement. An entry point around the region of US$36.50-$36.60 looks good. ***Note : Please do not buy too much, As I said, this is an unusual move.

Buy Las Vegas Sands at US$36.60.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Bloody SingNet and a Few Updates

Damn SingNet connection has been giving me big problems recently. Lost my internet connection back at home and apparently SingNet couldn't find out what's the problem. I'll only be able to update on our portfolio once they got it resolved.

Meanwhile, it seems like we have been pretty lucky for the past week. If you have been following my trades, we would have taken profit on MGM Resorts International before the stock tumbled due to the disappointing result expectation.

The rest of our current portfolio seems to be doing ok. Iron Mountain is slowly climbing back since 5 Oct 2010. The company stock is now trading around $21.50 for a paper profit of about 3.8%. I've managed to enter Quiksilver Inc at the price of $4.16 and this counter is sitting comfortably at $4.38 now. Rick's Cabaret is also doing well at $7.49 now. That's about 7% in the money for us. Ezra Holdings from SGX is trading at $1.87 before dropping to $1.82 today. Anyway, we'll be holding this till the rights shares are available for trading.

Most of you would have already noticed we've been selling of alot of our positions and holding on to some cash. I'm waiting for the market to tank a little before trying to find for some good counters that's been trading at discounted prices.

Be patient and good luck ahead!

Monday, October 11, 2010

NYSE : Quiksilver Inc

Quiksilver Inc
Quiksilver Inc is an apparel company that designs, produces and distributes clothing, accessories and related products for young-minded people. One of my favourite brands around for all my beach wears.

The company stock has taken some beating from the recent high in late April, dropping from US$6.09 to as low as US$3.37. The company is in the black and announced EBITDA of $53.5mil. Revenue has drop a little comparing to 2009 but profit has increased. It seems the stock has now reach a fairly good price.

The stock had actually broken the downward trendline on Wednesday but due to market uncertainty, I didn't feel that it is a good time to enter. But on Friday it seems to have found the strength to push further. I believe there is potential for it to hit about US$4.65.

Entry price : Any price below US$4.25
Cut loss price : Around US$3.95 where it will break the recent upward trendline
Target price : Around US$4.65 (looking forward to end Oct quarterly result)

NYSE : MGM Resorts International Reaching Target Price

MGM Resort International
Wow wow what a day Friday was! The gaming stocks rallied yet again. This time round coming from the good news of the Nevada revenue growth. Naturally, MGM with their number of businesses in the Las Vegas Strip had the best response to it, rallying to close at US$12.67.

The after market trading push this stock further up to US$13.56!

I've got to be honest here though, for those of you who did not manage to take profit on Friday, you'll most probably take alot more than me on Monday. I sold the remaining of my MGM shares at US$12.68 for a good profit of about 18.5%.

Sell MGM Resorts International at US$12.68