Wednesday, October 6, 2010

NYSE : Iron Mountain Inc

Iron Mountain Inc
Iron Mountain Inc is one of Warren Buffett's favourite stock recently. The Berkshire Hathaway has over few occasions acquired a big amount of the company stocks.

Yesterday was a bad day for Buffett, Berkshire as well as Iron Mountain. The stock drop a whole 10% before pulling back slightly to close at a drop of 8.6%. This come amidst news of the company's 2011 forecast results, which of course is worse than expectations. At the same time, Iron Mountain has authorized about $200mil for another round of share buy back program.

Overall company financial statement looks sound and company is making good profits. The shares buy back should also help to improve the value of the liquid stocks in the market. I'm giving this counter a buy with a long-term view.

Entry Price : US$20.45
Cut Loss Price : To be safe I'll put it as US$19.50

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