Wednesday, August 18, 2010

SGX : Ezra

Ezra has been one of the few oil and gas company that I've like monitoring. Judging from their 3rd quarter financial statement, they seem to be pretty stable. I'm also giving them extra points for having JVs with Keppel Corp.

The share have taken some beating in the past few months dropping from about $2.50 to the current level of around $1.80. Base on the chart, it seems like a decent time to enter this counter. However, looking at the oil and gas industry as a whole, this might take a while to hit a good profit level. Nevertheless, I'll look to enter tomorrow if it opens above $1.82. (Judging from tonight's US market result, there is a high chance of that happening).

Entry price : $1.82 or slightly above
Cut loss price : $1.62 (conservative readers can try $1.74)
Target price : Should be above $2.10 (will post it when the time is nearer)


  1. Hi, i bought at the price of $2.10 still holding, now thought of getting some at 1.80 in order to level the price to 1.95. what is your advise.
    Thank you.

  2. Hi Lee, well whatever decision we make now should not be based on what you did in the past. What I would do is enter now at about $1.80 and take profit somewhere near $2.10 (including selling those you bought at $2.10)