Sunday, December 4, 2016

The So.Chi-O Laptop Backpack

I needed a new laptop bag. My old messenger bag is now 4 years old, dirty and torn. I have quite a fair bit of gadgets I bring around everyday so I guess it's time to get myself a backpack instead.

Going shopping at, there are plenty of laptop backpacks available. Most of them are black in color and looks like something my dad would use. I wanted something different, something that looks nicer and yet functional.

After surfing for about 30 minutes, I settle for the So.Chi-O Urbanite S10. 5 days later I received the parcel.

This 14" silver grey comes packed in a polybag. Upon first touch, the bag material seems unique. It felt like the material used for denim jeans. They called it oxford material.

The unique thing about this bag are the hidden zippers. There are 2 external pockets that are hidden as well - the side pocket fits an iPhone 6S, and a padded pocket that is big enough for my passport and wallet. The main zipper is covered by the overlapping bag so that others around do not get to see it (and hopefully access it). This makes it a good theft deterent.

So.Chi-O mentioned that the bag is scratch resistant. I'm not going to try really hard on this since I do not want to damage my bag but what I did was try cutting it with the blade of a scissor. True enough, there are no scratches and the bag looks as good as new.

Next to test on the water-resistant claim. I tried pouring water from a cup over the bag. With the bag in vertical position, the water simply flows down the surface and I don't even have to wipe it dry. When placed horizontally, the water actually seeps in after a few minutes. I believe the bag should be said to be splash resistant instead. In all fairness, The Urbanite S10 also comes with a rain cover so my bag will still be shielded on rainy days (I am unable to test the rain cover at this time)

In conclusion, the So.Chi-O Urbanite S10 is a recommend buy. For the price, you get a nice looking laptop backpack with some really practical functionality. I especially like the hidden zippers and I'm sure it will come in handy when I travel.

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